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MediaOne Group, Inc. (Comcast MO Group, Inc.) was created by US WEST Inc, one of the original Baby Bells Regional Bell Operating Companies, acquisition of Boston-based Continental Cable and combined with its previously acquired Atlanta-based Wometco/GTC. Wometco/GTC had adopted the MediaOne name a year earlier. Media One Group was acquired in 2000 by AT&T Broadband, and was subsequently acquired by Comcast in 2002.


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Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"No days off, penalties for errors, no benefits. and more costly than profit, you pay for your own bags and rubber bands. routes can take you anywhere."

Outside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company expected lots of hours but the compensation was too low. I do not think the company is in business any longer so this review probably does not matter.FlexibleLow pay"

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